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MomentSQ™ is a new game platform that aims to deliver high quality stories in diverse genres, created by established writers around the world including Emmy Award winning series “Emma Approved“, by Bernie Su; hit interactive series and games, “Heroes Rise Trilogy and The Hero Project” by Zachary Sergi and a truely inspiring high quality CG animated short MilaFilm by Cinzia Angelini.  It is a collective collaboration among best creative talents in storytelling, games, art and technology.

Delivered in a text chat format, you can meet and interact with characters like you own friends. Select from an array of genres, including super heroes, fantasy, romantic comedy, thriller, sci-fi, and more.

1) Free Introduction

The first Moment (episode) of every MomentSQ story is always free so players can get a feel for the story before purchasing it. No baiting for subscriptions.

2) Gripping Stories

Our stories are written by authors who’ve established well-known IPs with proven track records, now crafting immersive experiences in this new format.

3) Cross-over content

Many of our stories come with their unique characters, emojis and gif reactions that can be used across all the stories – with every character reacting differently to them.


MomentSQ™ is on the Apple Store and Google Play

(in the selected regions, LIMITED TIME only 🙂